A twisted log in front of Niagara Falls at Goldstream Provincial Park, BC

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7 Best Waterfalls Around Victoria, BC

British Columbia is known for its beautiful waterfalls and the area around Victoria is no exception. While Victoria may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of waterfalls, you’d be surprised at how many there are!

With rugged terrain and plenty of rivers, Victoria is the perfect place to find waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to get back to nature, the waterfalls around Victoria are well worth the visit.

Scattered around Victoria, there are a number of beautiful waterfalls just waiting to be discovered by you. These stunning waterfalls are some of the top highlights of any trip to Victoria. Here are some of our favourites!

What Are the Best Waterfalls Around Victoria, BC?

The two waterfalls on Sandcut Beach, Vancouver Island

Victoria, BC, is home to some beautiful waterfalls that you won’t want to miss. For any nature lover, these natural wonders are worth adding to your Victoria itinerary.

Below, we cover some of the best, most beautiful waterfalls in and around Victoria, BC. If you’re planning a trip to Victoria any time soon, make sure to visit these beautiful waterfalls!

1. Niagara Falls, Goldstream Provincial Park

A twisted log in front of Niagara Falls at Goldstream Provincial Park, BC

Ontario isn’t the only spot with a Niagara Falls — Vancouver Island has one of its own!

In Goldstream Provincial Park, just north of Victoria, you’ll find several beautiful waterfalls. We recommend checking out all the waterfalls in the park, but if you can only pick one, our favourite is the spectacular Niagara Falls.

Relative to its cousin in the east, Goldstream’s Niagara Falls is much smaller. But don’t discount it based on that comparison!

At 47.5 meters tall, this narrow waterfall is quite beautiful. Forming from Niagra Creek, the waterfall tumbles over a steep cliff, cascading into a deep pool at its base. In the winter, the creek flows through the park, joining with the Goldstream River. But, in the summer, the river dries up — even though the waterfall is still flowing!

Close to the city, Niagara Falls is a popular waterfall for people to visit year-round and is definitely one of the best in Victoria. Plus, Goldstream Provincial Park has plenty of other things to do like watching the salmon run in autumn or exploring the many hiking trails.

To access the waterfall, park in the small parking lot on the west side of the Malahat Highway. Then, follow the trail beside Niagara Creek to the waterfall. In the summer, the trail is accessible from the Visitor Centre Trail through a large drainage tunnel under the highway, but this route is blocked by water in winter.

2. Sitting Lady Falls, Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park

At Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park in the Metchosin area, west of Victoria, you’ll find a beautiful waterfall called Sitting Lady Falls. And, yes, this waterfall actually does resemble someone sitting and wearing a delicate dress made of threads of water!

Sitting Lady Falls is part of Bilston Creek. This stream winds its way through the Douglas fir forest of Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park, before tumbling down the volcanic rock and forming the beautiful waterfall.

Only a short walk into the forest, this waterfall is definitely worth a visit. Follow the Witty’s Lagoon Trail to find the waterfall.

Across from the falls, a wooden platform gives you an excellent view of Sitting Lady Falls. Afterwards, continue on the trails to explore the rest of the park, including Witty’s Beach and the lagoon itself.

3. Sandcut Beach Waterfall, Jordan River Regional Park

The waterfalls at Sandcut Beach on Vancouver Island during winter

Some of the best waterfalls around Victoria are outside of the city. One of our favourites to visit is the double waterfall on Sandcut Beach. This beautiful waterfall is located in Jordan River Regional Park, just east of Victoria.

Cascading directly onto the beach from a small overhang, the Sandcut Beach waterfall is a highlight of Jordan River Regional Park. This park is known for the beautiful Sandcut Beach Trail through coastal rainforest, as well as some of the best surfing on southern Vancouver Island.

During the winter, Sandcut River is strong and the waterfall is quite impressive. In the summer, the falls shrink quite a bit but are still fun to check out. And, the pool under the waterfall also changes with the seasons, shifting in size, shape, and depth as the rocks are pushed by the water!

To access the waterfall, park at the small parking lot on West Coast Road (Highway 14). Follow the short Sandcut Beach Trail through the coastal woods and down to the beach. There, turn left and walk until you see the waterfall. It’s pretty easy to find!

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4. Goldstream Falls, Goldstream Provincial Park

Located near the campground in Goldstream Provincial Park, Goldstream Falls is a beautiful, smaller waterfall set in coastal rainforest. At the bottom of the waterfall, you’ll find a shallow pool of water, surrounded by mossy rocks and ferns.

During the summer, this waterfall becomes a popular spot for swimming and splashing. It’s a great spot to cool off on a hot summer day. At other times of the year, the water gets quite cold, though!

For those staying at the Goldstream Campground, the waterfall is accessed from a trail that starts at the far end of all of the campsites. Otherwise, you’ll follow the Upper Goldstream Trail, which starts at the campsite gatehouse and follows the Goldstream River to the waterfall.

5. Sombrio Beach’s Hidden Waterfall, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

The hidden waterfall at the back of a narrow, mossy canyon at Sombrio Beach in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, BC

Sombrio Beach in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is a beautiful place to visit, whether you’re looking for a waterfall or not. While the beach itself is quite popular, many people don’t even realize there’s a hidden waterfall along its shores!

Tucked away at the back of a narrow, moss-covered canyon, Sombrio Beach’s hidden waterfall is easy to pass by. It’s marked only by a small stream and a nondescript path that both lead into the forest. Luckily, you can usually ask around for someone to direct you to the falls!

Finding the waterfall requires some hiking. First, you’ll walk about 500 meters from the main parking lot down to Sombrio Beach. Then, turn left and head east along the beach for about 15-minutes until you find a small creek flowing onto the beach, often with lots of driftwood piled around it. Here, you’ll need to follow the creek into the forest (your feet will probably get wet) until you find the waterfall!

6. Mystic Beach Waterfall, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

The waterfall cascading down the cliffs at Mystic Beach in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, one of the best waterfalls near Victoria, BC

Mystic Beach is another beautiful spot near Victoria with a waterfall cascading right onto the beach. Located in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, this beach and its waterfall are a popular spot to visit for day hikers and overnight backpackers.

Tumbling 10 meters down a sheer oceanside cliff, the Mystic Beach waterfall falls right onto the sand at low tide or into the ocean at high tide. Right on the beach, this waterfall is a favorite spot for beachgoers to cool off or snap an Instagram-worthy shot.

Accessing the beach and waterfall requires a 2-km one-way hike from the China Beach parking lot. The hiking trail takes you through the protected forest of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, with limited ocean views until you’re right at the beach.

Once you arrive at Mystic Beach, finding the waterfall isn’t hard! As soon as you descend the staircase to the beach, you’ll spot the tall waterfall cascading down the vertical, seaside cliff onto the shoreline below. Run through the water or stand under the waterfall to cool down after your hike!

7. Mary Vine Creek Waterfall, Sea to Sea Regional Park

For a waterfall that’s not quite as busy, the Mary Vine Creek Waterfall in the Sea to Sea Regional Park is one of your best choices. This is a smaller waterfall that flows beautifully down the mossy rocks in the West Coast forest.

The Mary Vine Creek Waterfall is accessed on the Peden Lake Trail in the Sea to Sea Regional Park. The hike starts at the Sooke Potholes Regional Park, not too far from Sand Pebble Beach, and is a 2-km out-and-back trail. For a longer adventure, continue on past the falls to the beautiful Peden Lake, adding an extra 3 km to your hike.

During the summer, this waterfall reduces to a trickle. Often, the falls even dry up in the late summer! For this reason, the Mary Vine Creek Waterfall is best visited in the winter or early summer, when the rain fills the creek and keeps the waterfall flowing.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Waterfalls in Victoria, BC?

The view from behind the waterfall at Sandcut Beach on Vancouver Island

Have you ever hiked to a waterfall but found it dried up instead? Or found the hiking trail to be inaccessible?

Waterfalls are highly variable and timing when to visit them is quite important. So, when is the best time of year to visit waterfalls in Victoria, BC?

In our opinion, the best time to visit the waterfalls around Victoria is during the winter. With a mild climate, Victoria doesn’t get much snow during this time of year, just a lot of rain. This rain fills up the rivers and creeks on Vancouver Island. With more water flowing, the waterfalls become much larger and more powerful, making them quite a sight to see!

On the other hand, during the summer, Victoria experiences periods of very little rain. As a result, many waterfalls shrink to a shadow of their former winter glory. Some reduce down to mere trickles or dry up completely!

Many of the waterfalls on this list don’t disappear during the summer, but they won’t be as impressive. Large waterfalls, like Niagara Falls, will continue flowing throughout the year. Smaller waterfalls, like Mary Vine Creek Waterfall or Bridge Trail Falls, do have a higher chance of drying up in the late summer, though.

If you prefer waterfalls with an overwhelming cascade of water, we highly recommend visiting these Victoria waterfalls in the winter. Keep in mind that the rain will make some of the trails quite muddy, so bring appropriate footwear!

Other Beautiful Waterfalls Around Victoria, BC

Want to discover some other waterfalls around Victoria, BC? Here are a few options:

  • Cascade Falls, Gowlland Tod Provincial Park – Best accessed on the Timberman Trail down to Mackenzie Bight. It’s a steep trail so wear good hiking boots!
  • Waugh Creek Falls – A small waterfall near Sooke Lake Road, accessed from the abandoned rail corridor.
  • Todd Creek Waterfall, Sooke Potholes Provincial Park – Often overlooked for the nearby Sooke Potholes, close to the Todd Creek Trestle.
  • Pedder Bay Falls – Beautiful little double waterfall accessed via a short hiking trail. On private property — ask at the Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina if you can access it.
  • Hidden Spring Falls – Another waterfall in Goldstream Provincial Park. Small but beautiful!

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