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Hey, I’m Nicole!

Hi, I’m Nicole, the owner of Traveling BC. I’m an avid adventurer of British Columbia. I currently call Victoria home and it’s one of my favorite places in the world! 

I live on Vancouver Island but I grew up in the prairies. I got tastes of BC from family trips, so I always knew that I loved everything about BC – from the ocean to the mountains. And although I loved parts of the prairies, it wasn’t quite the right fit. Finally, after working up the courage, I left friends and family behind and moved to Victoria. And now, I’m never looking back! I’ve fallen completely in love with this province, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

So much of my time is spent exploring British Columbia, with my two dogs (Riley & Theo) and my partner. I created this website to share our love of this province with everyone!

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What You’ll Find on Traveling BC

The Traveling BC team’s goal is to provide everything that you need to know about traveling British Columbia, with a focus on the outdoors. The nature and wilderness of British Columbia is absolutely spectacular and arguably one of it’s highlights. In this website, we’ll help you with everything that you need to plan the perfect BC adventure, from choosing a travel destination, planning your activities, deciding what gear to bring…and more!

On this website, you’ll find:

  • Destination travel guides with everything that you need to know about the location
  • Backcountry camping and hiking guides, including itineraries, gear to bring and travel tips
  • Reviews on travel services, hotels, experiences, or gear based on reviews & research
  • Advice on how to travel BC on a budget
  • Inspiration for your next big BC adventure!

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